After The Fall

—Christopher Matase

And then we were floating

No grasping, no relation to the surroundings

Floating in motion, motion, motion

Turning like gears.

Connections, Connections, Connections

Wires hold up our foundations

Wires let loose

Wires let slide

Suspensions let go

Nothing to grasp

Nothing to hold onto

And then we’re falling

Grasping- possible

Out of reach

I can’t hold on

You can’t let go

Grasping still possible in these conditions?

This ledge is small

A landing possible?

Not possible

After the fall- possible

Little room, little ledge

Little space, I’m on the edge

Jump! Jump!

I’ll see you after the fall

No, don’t jump

Suspension, connections

I won’t let go

I can’t!

You can

Just let go!

Wires let loose, Wires let slide

We’ll make it alright, after the fall

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