Eye Candy

—Taquiny Williams

Packaged raw meat

Sealed, Suppress, Suffocate

Wrapped in plastic

Eyes are lusting

Mouths moisten

While the mind imagines how delightful!

Grimy hands embrace it like a child unwrapping presents on Christmas

Tied tight

Fresh, scented, candle light, dinner

Lay it down

Bare flesh of a baby calf vulnerably against the firm threshold

As it cooks, its sounds sputter

Pleasurably add some oil to it

Yes, that alluring aroma

And crisp colors glow brown

Packaged raw meat

On display

For any and every one

To breath their warm breathes upon.

Fresh meat

The grit of the teeth chews away without compassion

The aggressive taste buds melt the flesh

I am raw meat

Only good when cooked

Only good chopped into pieces, drizzled with sauce next to the side dishes

I am fresh meat

Ready to be served

Hot only

Not cold

No! No! cold is bad

Look hot!

And taste like an orgasmic warmth oozing into the mouth

It tastes so good,

Looks so good

The meat

Yes a piece of meat

Unpackaged to serve

Conceal the flesh until ready to be looked at by the eyes of the savage beast.

Raw meat

No one wants to watch being slaughtered but Oh everyone wants a piece,

Of Meat. Raw. I am






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