Father Of Father

—Christopher Matase

Father of father, it’s time to go

The sea is receding

There is no more time to show


The sun is now setting

The wind is leaving us behind

You sit in the sand

Which will never be mine


Father of father it’s to leave

Wave to the shore line

For one last time


I help you up as you stare at the bay

Its moments like this where forever should stay


As the glow is fading, so is our time

Father of father will never be mine


Only memories like waves,

Washing our footprints from the shore

Father of father, it’s you we adore


The sun now set, all I hear are the waves

The beach is almost silent

We sit down to lay


“Father of father, why must we go?”

“This island is not yours, but child you must know:


Although the sun fades, so will the night.

I might be leaving; the day gives up the fight.

But this day on the beach, I must truly say; It was pretty alright.

I had a wonderful day.”

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