The Dove And The Raven

—Andy Vo

There was once a dove

Pure and white as the skies above

In a dark world of different colors


The dove has special talents

Far beyond anyone’s compliments

But does the dove know it, too?


The dove can change colors

Just like his long lost mother

Can even change with his emotions


When the dove is happy

He turns to orange like his pappy

How much longer do I have to smile?


When the dove is sad

He turns to blue it’s very bad

How much more do I have to cry?


When the dove is sick

He turn to pink, a magic trick

How much more do I have to suffer?


When the dove is angry

He turns to red, frankly

How much more do I have to shout?


When the dove is gloomy

He turns to purple, he gets moody

Just how much more loudly do I have to shout?


One day the dove kept changing and changing

And changed until he couldn’t stop anymore


Then the white colorful dove turned to black

Til this day he is known as the Raven above the dreaded tree

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