The Sirius Star

—Andy Vo

We used to spend the endless nights counting stars

And every shooting star that passed through darkened skies

Told all of the miracles that had yet to come


We used to share our stories of a perfect world

And every person that we had described

Was nothing compared to you and I


We used to walk together throughout the night

And every second we held hands

The only moment I ever felt safe was with you


Throughout the summer skies

We’d look above and the light was always there

To lead us from our past


Throughout the darkened skies

We look around and lights are nowhere to be found

To show us on our way


Throughout the winter nights

You look above and I am always there

To lead you to your future


Now there are empty days of staring back at me

Now we’ll find a way to chase forgotten dreams

That lead to broken promises, just memories


Now there’s nothing in this world to believe in

We are slipping away from the curse that we lived

Our future we dreamt fading away


As we lie together in the open grass

We stare into the darkened skies

Only to watch the whole world light up


We promise that one of us will be that blue star in the sky

Big and bright shining over the night

If only you were here tonight

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